DELTEC 12V 200Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery DELTEC DEL-12V200Li 12V 200Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

DELTEC DEL-12V200Li 12V 200Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

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Model No DEL-12V200Li
Description DELTEC DEL-12V200Li 12V 200Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Voltage(V) 12V
Capacity(Ah) 200Ah
Colour Terminal Type M8 threaded hole
Length(mm) 483
Width(mm) 170
Height(mm) 240
Weight(kg) 15


Introducing the DELTEC LiTHIUM Batteries – Unleash the Power of Tomorrow!

A powerhouse of innovation and cutting-edge technology redefining the standards of energy storage. Engineered to transcend traditional limitations, Deltec stands at the forefront of the lithium battery revolution, offering a new era of efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. Unleash the potential of tomorrow’s energy solutions with Deltec, where breakthrough technology meets the power to redefine possibilities. Welcome to a future powered by excellence, welcome to DELTEC LiTHIUM.

- High Cycle Life
- Extensive Service Life
- Builti In Circuit Protection
- Long Shelf Life
- Rapid Charging Technology
- Extreme Heat Tolerance
- Lightweight and Compact

- Series Connection: Up to 4S
- Parallel Connection: Up to 4P

All DELTEC lithium batteries come with a 3 years warranty.

DELTEC LiTHIUM batteries find applications across various sectors due to their advanced features and capabilities. These diverse applications highlight their versatility and reliability across different industries, contributing to a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape.
- Caravan / RV
- 4WD / Leisure
- Marine / Boating
- Solar Storage
- Back up Power
- Electric Vehicles
- Lighting & Medical Equipment

Maximizing the performance of your batteries requires diligent monitoring of their health. Utilize the Deltec Lithium Bluetooth App to seamlessly evaluate your battery’s condition.

Readily available for free download on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play Store, just open the app on your mobile device to access a wealth of comprehensive insights conveniently compiled in one place.

Gone are the days of needing direct access to the power system for data; now, you can manage everything right from your hand-held device.

Keep tabs on vital battery information through the following features:
- State of Charge (%) & Capacity
- Charge & Discharge Time
- Power (Wh) consumption
- Number of Cycles

DELTEC DEL-12V200Li 12V 200Ah Lithium Deep Cycle Battery

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