Century ISS Active AGM Century DIN85LHAGM ISS Active AGM

Century DIN85LHAGM ISS Active AGM

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Description Century DIN85LHAGM ISS Active AGM
Weight(kg) 33.40
Brand Century
ISS Active AGM Batteries

A range of premium batteries incorporating Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology for vehicles fitted with advanced stop start systems.  These include Idle Stop Start, Regenerative Braking, Voltage Control and other Intelligent technologies designed to aid the reduction of carbon emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

The advanced AGM technology, suspends the liquid electrolyte in highly porous glass fleece separators.  These act as a sponge like material, absorbing the liquid electrolyte and exerting superior contact with the active material in the battery plates.  This combines to deliver superior starting power, extreme cycle life, deep discharge capability and up to 3 x higher cycling endurance.

They are ideal for use in Stop Start applications as they deliver a very high current flow in a short time frame and can support electrical systems with large parasitic drains when in a partial state of charge.  They are also suitable for use in standard high performance and luxury vehicles with high electrical loads as they can be mounted both under the bonnet or in the boot.

Overview Details
Product ID: 106107
Barcode: 9313857322128
Brand: Century
Series: ISS Active AGM (Car & Passenger Vehicle)
Fitment Details
Normal Overall Dimensions (mm)
Length: 353
Width: 175
Height: 190
Total Height: 190
Polarity: C
Terminal Type: STD
Special Features: AGM, CH, CV, EL, FA, MF, RP, SL 
Technical Specifications
Warranty: 24 months
Conditions apply. Refer to individual warranty statements affixed to each product.
Volts: 12
CCA: 850
RC: 160
AH: 95
Weight (kg): 33.40
Battery Polarity and Special Features DIN85LHAGM1493773020_1.jpg 

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