Century ISS Active AGM Stop-Start Battery Century DIN75LHAGM ISS Active AGM Stop-Start Battery

Century DIN75LHAGM ISS Active AGM Stop-Start Battery

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Description Century DIN75LHAGM ISS Active AGM Stop-Start Battery
Size (- +) Standard Terminal Post (STD)
Voltage(V) 12V
Capacity(Ah) 80Ah
Length(mm) 316
Width(mm) 175
Height(mm) 190
Weight(kg) 22.80
Reserve Capacity 155
Brand Century

Century ISS Active Stop-Start and Hybrid Auxiliary batteries are specially designed to satisfy the fuel saving and emission reducing benefits of vehicles fitted with Idle Stop-Start (ISS) or Hybrid systems. The range incorporates innovative design features and advanced raw materials to deliver superior cycling performance, high charge acceptance for rapid recharge in between engine off modes, and the extra power to run on-board electrics whilst the engine is switched off.

A comprehensive selection of EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) and AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries in DIN and JIS footprints are available for use in all Stop-Start vehicles.

ISS Active AGM Stop-Start - Advanced Stop-Start Vehicles
Superior starting power
3x higher cycling performance
Deep discharge capabilities

Fitment Details
Normal Overall Dimensions (mm)
Length: 316
Width: 175
Height: 190
Total Height: 190
Hold-Down: End/Side
Special Features: Absorbed Glass Mat, Carry Handles, Flame Arrestor, Maintenance Free, Recessed Post.
Technical Specifications
Warranty: 36 months
Conditions apply. Refer to individual warranty statements affixed to each product.
Volts: 12
CCA: 800
RC: 155
AH: 80
Weight (kg): 22.80
Battery Polarity and Special Features DIN75LHAGM1493773014_1.jpg 

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