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CBA Charge Controller

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Model No CBA Charge Controller
Selling Unit EACH
Description Charger for CBA IV West Mountain Radio Computerised Battery Analyser
Brand West Mountain Radio
Width 107.9mm
Height 38mm
Length/Breadth/Depth 152.4mm
Weight(kg) 1


Charger for CBA IV computerised battery analysers.


  • The CBA Charger can be used with a CBA IV and a user provided battery charger to automate life cycle tests, automatically alternating between periods of charging the battery and discharging the battery. By automatically switching between charge and discharge cycles of the battery, a hands-free lifetime test of the battery can be performed.
  • When the unit is idle, the two pairs of Powerpoles® are open. When the unit is in a charging state, the two Powerpoles® are connected together, connecting the user provided battery charger to the battery.
  • CBA Charger interface requires a user provided battery charger compatible with your battery. CBA Charger interfaces to this external charger.
  • Can measure the current going from the charger into the battery, and this current is logged by the software.
  • Two general purpose inputs are available that can be used by the CBA Charger and software to determine when a charge cycle is complete. These inputs could be connected to a charge complete LED on the user provided battery charger.
  • Two general purpose outputs are available that can be used to send start charging or stop charging messages to the user provided battery charger. These outputs could be connected to a push-button on the user provided battery charger.


  • Max voltage (Powerpoles®): 55 V
  • Max current during charging (through Powerpoles®): 10 A @ 24 V, 2.5 A @ 55 V
  • Max voltage (IN-A and IN-B): 50 V
  • Min voltage (IN-A and IN-B, minimum voltage required to detect asserted line): 3 V (IN-A and IN-B detects assertion regardless of polarity of voltage input)
  • Max voltage (OUT-A and OUT-B): 30 V
  • Max current (OUT-A and OUT-B): 2 A 

The CBA Charger comes with:

  • CBA Charger Unit
  • (2) 4 Position Input/Ouput Terminal Plugs
  • 2 pair Red and Black Powerpoles® with 30A contacts
  • User Manual

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