Deka Ultimate Automotive Battery Deka 727FMF Ultimate Automotive Battery

Deka 727FMF Ultimate Automotive Battery

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Model No 727FMF
Description Deka 727FMF Ultimate Automotive Battery
Size SAE - +
Voltage(V) 12V
Length(mm) 314
Width(mm) 171
Height(mm) 229
Weight(kg) 22.5
Reserve Capacity 140
CCA 850
Brand Federal - CLASS 8

The Ultimate battery series is built with the powerful design, performance, and protection that discriminating drivers demand for their vehicles.


  • Delivers dependable starting and reserve power in extreme service
  • All weather battery: high cranking power in cold; reinforced design handles accelerated internal corrosion in heat
  • Heavy-duty Power-Perform plates with full-frames prevent shorts and maximise energy storage and delivery
  • Fortified posts, straps, and welds resist vibration damage, maximise current transfer

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